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How to use Learning Pathways

You know we’ve launched our Learning Pathways. You know how they can help. Now find out how to utilise them to reach your career goals!

Find your specialty area 

On the first page of the Learning Pathways, choose between the areas of,  Business Analysis, Change Management, Project Management, and Project Office Management.

Select your current career level 

Where are you on the Learning Pathway? Are you an Associate PM? Or maybe a BA? Select the stage you are currently at in your career.

Look at the courses and skills 

Scroll down and look at the overview of your career stage. It will outline many of the skills/experience you already have. Scroll down further to view the courses and certifications relevant to your career stage.

What’s your career goal?

You’ve already looked at where you are currently at, so now it is time to look forward at where you want your career to go in the future. Maybe it is EPMO/Portfolio Manager or even Enterprise BA? Our Learning Pathways ways will literally provide a pathway for you to achieve your goal.

Plan how to reach your goals 

Similar to how you looked at the overview of skills, experience, courses, and certifications for your current career level, you can plan what you need to do to reach your career goals by using the Learning Pathways and looking at your goal career level overview.

Want a quick snapshot of the info above? Click here to download our infographic.

How to use Learning Pathways (1)

Want to chat with an expert about how to best reach your career goals? Drop us a line here or on and our Learning Director will personally get in touch with you.

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