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The Need For New Skills – DASA DevOps Competence Framework – Whitepaper

DevOps is one of the central pillars on which many IT organisations choose to deliver new digital IT services. Fast-moving companies will use automation, continuous improvement, and simplified operating models that combine operations and development focused on executing excellent delivery models. These new models deliver speed, reliability, personalised contact and bulletproof customer service. To achieve this, we also believe that providing a competence model that focuses on the skills and knowledge areas for high-performance IT Teams is crucial.
Within this White Paper, we cover:

  • The Need for New Skills
  • DASA’s Agile DevOps Competence Framework
  • DASA Focus on Knowledge and Skills for High-Performance IT Teams



The MetaPM DevOps Fundamentals course are publically delivered at the MetaPM Training Centre, and can also be delivered at client sites. MetaPM can tailor the material for in-house courses to groups of 6 or more to suit individual client needs. If you are eager to learn how to apply the DevOps framework to your organisation, look no further than MetaPM. Course dates, pricing, registration and special offers are available on our website. Individual registrations can be made online, here. We welcome the opportunity to quote for in-house group learning sessions.
P: 1800 800 438 or (03) 8640 5700
E: enquiries@metapm.com.au

This whitepaper was first published by the DevOps Agile Skills Association and is their copyright.

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