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Terms & Conditions

At MetaPM Learning we offer best value for money and we strive to achieve the best results for our clients. We deliver a regular series of public training courses across Australia. Trainers and consultants delivering MetaPM Learning courses are approved by the relevant examining body. Our courseware is updated frequently ensuring that we incorporate the latest versions of published guidance, exam formats, and best practice thinking.

Online Registrations

When placing an online registration (whether for yourself or another party) please ensure you include complete contact information for the individual candidate. It is a requirement that you provide an individual email address and at least one contact phone number operational during business hours. Where an organisation is completing a registration on behalf of a delegate, please ensure complete billing details are provided, and any additional invoicing requirements or instructions are noted in the ‘Other Information’ section of the registration form.

Confirmation of Registration

Candidates will receive an email acknowledging their registration within two business days of submission. If the confirmation email is not received within that time please email our course administration team at [email protected] or contact our head office on (03) 8640 5700 or 1800 800 436.


A tax invoice will be issued by MetaPM Learning on receipt of an online registration or purchase order. Registrations must be paid in full according to the terms of invoice. However registrations made within 10 business days of course commencement or examination date will require immediate payment. Payments may be made by credit card, direct funds transfer or bank cheque.

Credit Card Payments

MetaPM accepts Visa, Master Card and American Express. Unfortunately we are unable to accept Diners Club. Please note payments using American Express will incur a 3% service fee additional to the invoice total at the time of payment.

Credit card payments can be made via the Make a Payment page on our website or by contacting our head office on (03) 8640 5700 or 1800 800 436.

Cheque Payments

Please make cheques payable to MetaPM Learning Pty Ltd and send to the following address MetaPM Learning Pty Ltd, Level 3, 420 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.

Direct Funds Transfer

When making a payment via Direct Funds Transfer please ensure a remittance advice including bank receipt number is emailed to [email protected] or faxed to (03) 9670 7480. Please include the invoice number and course date with all Direct Funds Transfer payment details.


Credit terms are at the discretion of MetaPM Learning and are subject to satisfactory references and trading volumes. MetaPM Learning will exercise their statutory right to claim interest on debts owed and compensation for all associated debt recovery costs if payment is not received in accordance with MetaPM’s specified terms. MetaPM Learning reserves the right to withdraw registrations if payment terms are not observed.

Cancellations and Transfers

Requests for cancellations, deferrals or substitutions must be received in writing. The date on which the written notice is received by MetaPM Learning will be deemed as the date on which the request has been made.

Cancellation due to illness or other medical emergency requires a medical certificate, otherwise fees (per the schedule below) will apply.

All deferral and cancellation fees are calculated as a percentage of the original course fee and are dependent on the number of working days’ notice given to MetaPM Learning in writing before the commencement date.

Courses that have been paid for and not attended will be held in credit for a period not exceeding 1 year from the original course date.  Failure to reschedule attendance will result in the full fee being forfeited after such time.

Failure to respond to course emails or other correspondence from MetaPM does not constitute notice of a cancellation, substitution or deferral.

If a registration is transferred or cancelled by the client, the following fees will apply:

  • Cancellation or transfer to a different course date more than four calendar weeks before start date of course: no charge
  • Transfer or postponement of an exam whilst attending a course: $50 admin fee plus any additional charges incurred by MetaPM
  • Transfer to a different course date more than two calendar weeks before start date of course: $50 admin fee plus any additional charges incurred by MetaPM
  • Transfer to a different course date less than two calendar weeks before start date of course: 25% of course fee
  • Transfer to a different course less than one calendar week before the start date of course: 50% of course fee
  • Cancellation more than two calendar weeks before start date of course: 50% of course fee
  • Cancellation less than two calendar weeks before start date of course: 100% of course fee

A substitute delegate may be nominated at any time, a $50 admin fee plus any additional charges incurred by MetaPM will apply. A substitute can only be nominated provided that:

  • The new delegate is attending exactly the same dates and course, and MetaPM is notified of the replacement delegate’s name and contact details as soon as possible
  • Any pre-course information already received is passed on to the replacement delegate by the original delegate

MetaPM Learning reserves the right to cancel or alter the dates of any given course. Affected registrations will generally be transferred to the next available course in the same state, in consultation with the client.

MetaPM Quality Guarantee

MetaPM places great emphasis on quality trainers and teaching, directly resulting in 95% of delegates successfully completing the Foundation exam on their first attempt*. In the unlikely event of a failure, further coaching and a second exam will be arranged at no cost (MetaPM will provide 1 free re-sit for Foundation Courses only; Additional charges will apply for any further attempts). We don’t deny that the Practitioner exam is the harder of the two, and again our high standards for trainers and teaching mean that you will be in the best position possible to successfully pass the Practitioner exam**. However, additional charges will apply to re-sit this one, though we will happily arrange further coaching for you at no charge.


*Delegates are expected to attend a minimum of 80% of the Foundation course, and to complete all homework and tasks as required in order to be eligible for a charge-free second attempt.

**Delegates are expected to attend the entire Practitioner course, and to complete all homework and tasks as required in order to be in the best position to take the Practitioner exam.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, but any changes shall not be retrospectively applied.

Results and Certificates

All results are issued electronically by the accrediting body within an approximate time-frame of 2-6 weeks after the candidate has completed their examination. Results and certificates are issued to the email address nominated in the ‘Candidate Details Form’ completed by the candidate at the time of their examination(s).

An outline of the result and certificate process is outlined below as a guide for your reference. We stress that this is a guide only, and that time-frames do vary.

  • Delegate completes examination
  • Exam Pack is sent by MetaPM to the accrediting body to be processed
  • Exam Results are issued to MetaPM and an email asking delegates to register for the ‘Results Portal’ is also issued by the accrediting body – however no results are actually available to view
  • In the case of FOUNDATION results, these will be checked by MetaPM and then released to delegates via the accrediting body electronically (e-mail)
  • In the case of PRACTITIONER results, these will be checked by MetaPM, delegates will be contacted by MetaPM with a breakdown of their result, after which results will be released to delegates via the accrediting body electronically (e-mail)
  • Approximately 1-2 days after results have been released, a second email will be issued to delegates by the accrediting body requesting that they register to access a ‘Certificate Portal’ where downloadable PDF copies of their certificates will be permanently available

Requests for hard-copy certificates will incur a fee of $50 (inc GST) payable at the time of the order and can take up to 2 weeks to arrive.


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