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Strategic Advice

Getting the right strategic advice from the right people at the right time is key to making good decisions and enabling success.

Strategic Advice

Gain new perspectives, see the unseen, and achieve superior results.

When you need a new perspective on enabling and leading change effectively within your organisation, benefit from our deep specialist knowledge.

We help you understand how to achieve greater competitive advantage for your organisation and your career, and shape the development of internal capabilities for long term, strategic value.

MetaPM’s strategic advice services can include:

Enabling Organisational Benefits Definition and Realisation Capability

Providing clear definition of benefits and planning for their realisation is critical because the ability to demonstrate results is one of the strongest success factors in any organisation.

We specialise in enabling successful change, so we have invested in truly understanding what works, what doesn’t, and how to establish a sustainable benefits management capability.

Authentic Portfolio Definition, Planning and Optimisation

Your ability to optimise your total investment in change, and manage associated risks to business as usual, requires a delicate balance of people, process and technology capabilities.

MetaPM offers a unique perspective on business planning and achieving an optimised portfolio, and we partner with you to make the most of your investment mix.

We can help you determine high priority and high value investments, and work with you on benefit mapping, resource balancing and investment tuning techniques.

Effective Governance and Oversight Advice

Many executives inherit ‘business critical’ initiatives and don’t have the luxury of change from a blank sheet.

The challenge is how to surface ‘make or break’ issues during the business planning process and guide a portfolio of key change projects.

Our consulting practice leads draw on deep strategic experience and dispassionate decision making within complex environments, getting underneath promises and assumptions to provide the necessary challenge and scrutiny.

Total Portfolio Risk Management

Managing portfolio level risk requires deep risk management understanding combined with the consulting capabilities of a strategic business consultant. Integration and delivery risk focuses on aggregated program and project risk, however portfolio risk looks at the efficacy of strategy and how it relates to the portfolio.

MetaPM is a leader when it comes to identifying, quantifying and managing change-related risk.

If strategic advisory services are part of the change you need to implement, then contact us to explore how we may help at no obligation. Our business consultants will assist in gaining a competitive advantage by offering the right advice to optimise your portfolio and project delivery capability.