Risk and Audit

Deliver better outcomes with more effective project governance, using the right risk assessment and mitigation approach.

Risk and Audit

Identify and manage delivery risk and audit more effectively with our custom methods

Organisations with risk management embedded into their culture manage risk more effectively and are more likely to achieve their objectives.

We advise you on methodologies that can be customised and applied to address risk and deliver more effective and sustained governance more cost effectively.

MetaPM’s risk and audit services can include:

Portfolio, Program and Project Reviews, Audits and Health Checks

Is the health of your project or program in line with your expectations?  Is your project cost management under control?

Our risk and audit services offer review tools, which our business advisory staff assess to assure you that risks are being mitigated or understood.

If our review identifies any issues, we develop a remediation road map to return your project or program to health.

Risk Management Advisory

We offer you the comfort of knowing your project is on track, and if it’s not, where the issues lie and how to correct them.

Our business advisory staff provide oversight of your project throughout its life, covering factors like risk analysis, managing change, project cost management, governance, benefits management, business case reviews, and procurement management.

We help you navigate the project management processes and complexities for optimal outcomes.

Project Complexity Assessments

Do you have a problem tailoring your methodology to the right project size? Is the process too bureaucratic? Or are projects failing to deliver because governance is too light?

While grouping projects into sizes is convenient, it may not make for effective control.

MetaPM’s risk-based assessment of project complexity will advise which leading methodologies can address these risks and deliver more effective governance.

Project Schedule Review

Concerned your project is off track? Not confident that it will deliver successfully? Managing change that’s gone off the rails?

A project schedule review can assist in identifying gaps in project plans, resourcing issues, poor testing or a lack of proper scheduling at all.

Our advisors have experience in nearly all project types, and can work with your team to get things back on track using our tried and proven approach customised to your needs.

Professional Services – Risk and Audit

Planning for optimal resourcing is critical to delivering positive project outcomes, and getting the right people is an essential success factor. We can support your project risk and audit requirements by supplying skilled practitioners to uplift your capacity and capabilities, and maintain effective project governance.

If risk assessment and related services are part of the change you need to implement, then contact us to explore how we may help at no obligation.