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Project Management Office (PMO)

Enhance the performance of your PMO by delivering more value through fit-for-purpose design and management.

Project Management Office – PMO

Use our deep specialist knowledge and innovative approach to ensure your Project Management Office (PMO) delivers the value you need now, and can evolve and adapt as circumstances change.

Make the most of our team’s skills and experience to design the appropriate structure, services and team for your Project Management Office (PMO).

We help you understand how your portfolio, program or project office operates, and the value they add.

Our expertise delivers an approach that enables PMOs to evolve and adapt over time, ensuring your PMO stays relevant and effective.

MetaPM’s Project Management Office services can include:

PMO Design and Implementation

If you are thinking of setting up a Portfolio Office, EPMO or Project Management Office (PMO), MetaPM can help you design the appropriate structure, services and team.

We have many years’ experience using the best project management software and implementing PMOs in diverse enterprises, from not-for-profits to corporations with multi-billion dollar portfolios, across a range of industries.

Our approach and designs enable client PMOs to evolve and adapt over time, delivering consistent value.

PMO Reporting

During the project planning stage our professional project staff help you through an assessment of key performance measures and data sources in keeping with best practice project management principals, to create performance dashboards and reports.

You need the right information at the right time to facilitate effective decision making.

High performing organisations understand the power of near real-time project performance reporting, and we assist in developing tools that are critically important to online project management success.

Capacity Assessment and Design

If you are concerned you don’t have capacity to deliver forthcoming projects successfully, MetaPM offers a capacity assessment and design service to review resourcing requirements across your portfolio.

We draw on customised tool-sets that look across key resource areas to understand your business and design the best approach to deliver your initiatives successfully.

Procurement and Vendor Management Design

It is common for organisations to outsource capability to partners, however it is no coincidence that there is an increase in projects failing due to poorly managed vendor relationships. We work with clients to ensure projects are set up for success by implementing effective procurement strategies and mechanisms that ensure visibility of vendor performance throughout their engagement.


If you’re spending money on an internal PMO that is not delivering expected information, insights or value, perhaps it is time to talk to a specialist.

With our PMO-As-A-Service offering we can help you tailor a Project Management Office (PMO) structure in keeping with your flexibility and scalability needs, and then deliver the services that you require at the right level of investment.

Professional Services – Project Management Office

Project planning and resourcing for flexing requirements in a shifting environment can be challenging – maintaining an optimal balance of capabilities and capacity in your project management office (PMO) while facing tight timelines and tighter budgets can threaten the success of your project initiatives.

We can help your PMO deliver consistent value by augmenting your in-house resources with the right blend of skilled professionals, the best project management software and proven project management principals.

Let us help with your optimising your Project Management Office (PMO) performance by applying the right project planning, project management principles, structure and the very best project management software.

If PMO and related services are part of the change you need to implement, then contact us to explore how we may help at no obligation.