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Our Services Approach

MetaPM exists to enable better change outcomes for our clients

Our Services Approach

Helping people deliver positive transformation in organisations.

Today, industries and organisations are faced with structural and strategic change at unprecedented levels of speed and complexity, requiring increasing levels of organisational agility.

Your project delivery challenges

High expectations of benefits, tight timeframes, resource competition, plus in-house capability and capacity challenges, means that driving change can be incredibly slow, difficult and expensive.

Throwing money at IT solutions doesn’t always help, and simply adding people often causes greater confusion

In an ideal world, you would always have the right number of the right resources to be perfectly set up to deliver your project outcomes.

However, in reality, planning and resourcing for flexing requirements in a shifting environment can be challenging.

This is where MetaPM can help.

Our team of specialists

Our competitive edge is built on a foundation of skilled and accredited professionals, many of whom are industry leaders in their areas of expertise.

Our specialist teams bring strong customer engagement skills and broad industry knowledge, along with a set of best practice methods and frameworks to enable effective delivery of your strategic change initiatives.

Our unique approach

Integrated service offering

Our consultants are supported by an innovative service framework, with our integrated offering across specialist Centres of Excellence:

Engagement management framework

We also offer a unique engagement management process to ensure that we provide more than just a body in a suit – we apply globally recognised business analysis tools, along with ongoing practice support, oversight and guidance throughout the lifecycle of every engagement.

Supported by Learning

Our training arm, MetaPM Learning, delivers capability uplift through practitioner-led, professional development and training services for all project, program and portfolio roles, including IT project management.

Together, our philosophy is best expressed simply as: 1 + 1 = 3

In other words: your organisation’s resources and capabilities, enhanced by our services and knowledge, equals an enabled agility to deliver effective transformation. We pride ourselves on leaving our clients with more project delivery knowledge and capability at the end of every engagement.

Our service approach ensures strong customer engagement and alignment, to ensure we deliver the right solutions to achieve a competitive edge.

Follow the links to learn more about how our services can help you deliver effective change in your organisation, or contact us to speak to one of our experienced consultants.