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Change and Communication

Increase the likelihood of success from your project initiatives.

Change and Communication

Support and enable your people to adopt and embrace change

Project success is not just delivering on time, cost & scope, it needs effective change management.

This requires CM strategy, principals, plan and capability.

Leveraging our combined knowledge and experience across Project Management, Learning and Change, we use global standards to create tailored approaches together with you.

MetaPM’s change and communications management services can include:

Change Assessment, Impact and Planning

Activities, risks, behaviours and capabilities to be taken into account when preparing for a change.

Understanding the impact of change at the strategic level,  provides people with confidence to plan and move into the future.

Our change management process helps you to highlight the impacts of the desired change so that tactics and strategies can be identified and designed to support the ‘take-up’ and receive the benefits from the change.

Change Strategy

Having a structured change management plan with a set of tools for the people side of change enables leaders to transition employees into the new way of working.

The basis of change management principals seeks to understand what needs to be done, and when, to prepare for change, decrease risk and minimise productivity loss.

As part of your change management process MetaPM works with you to develop a tailored and comprehensive Organisational Change Strategy that addresses resistance and provides guidance for your people and your organisation.

Stakeholder Assessment, Communication and Engagement Planning

Planning to meet the needs of users and other impacted groups helps to address resistance and maintain momentum.

It supports people by providing the knowledge and ability required to adopt and implement changes.

Our change management expertise helps you to develop a plan that supports people using the new technology, policies and tools.

Tailored Change Management Workshops

Individual and tailored workshops that explore change management principals  assist people facing organisational change to plan, increase capability, and design specific parts of their change management approaches:

  • Delivering change to your clients
  • Key change management process, tools and concepts
  • Executive level assessment of organisational change
  • Applying change management approaches to your PMO / project
  • Resistance planning
  • Stakeholder assessment, mapping and engagement

These workshops can reap large benefits when facilitated by an experienced change management practitioner and conducted in partnership with your leadership team or relevant business sponsors.

Change Capability Development for Teams, Organisations and Leaders

Individually tailored plans and coaching provide structure and support for busy managers to lead their teams through change.

A checklist and communication pack for managers keeps up the momentum of change and assists them in enabling employees at each level of the organisation to move forward.

Professional Services – Change and Communication

Before embarking on a change management process, every organisation should consider their capacity and capability to plan and deliver effective Change Management and Communication strategies.

We can provide experienced practitioners in Change Management and Communication to enable the successful implementation of your strategic change initiatives.

If change and communication management services are part of your business needs, then contact us to explore how we may help at no obligation.