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Business Analysis

Improve your ROI by identifying and articulating your true business needs and selecting the most appropriate solutions.

Business Analysis

Cut through complexity with help from our disciplined approach and experienced business analysts

We support you in uplifting your capability by applying best practice tools and processes to define your needs and recommending solutions that will deliver value.

Our services drive the realisation of benefits, avoid costs, identify new opportunities and help you understand the required capabilities.

Our goal is to empower you to improve the way you do business.

MetaPM’s business analysis services can include:

Enterprise Analysis

Enterprise and big data analysis helps you understand the real needs of your organisation.

It can involve examining strategy, functions, processes, customers, products, vendors, technology, competitors and other factors.

The purpose is to develop and enable plans based on sound analysis by presenting facts so you can identify capability or knowledge gaps and build a plan to bridge them.

End-to-End Requirements Management

Managing and governing requirements ensures the alignment of business and stakeholder needs, and enables the organisation to identify and maintain focus on high value and high priority requirements.

Establishing and managing requirements is critical for matching solutions to stakeholder and business needs, and securing buy-in from stakeholders during implementation.

Solution Evaluation

This phase of the business analysis process allows you to identify a set of feasible and viable solution options before selecting the most appropriate solution for your needs.

It can also include selection of the most suitable vendor, if necessary, and set up the framework for contract negotiation and solution implementation to ensure all the agreed requirements have been met.

Establish Business Analysis Practice

Our business analysis practice assists in developing the maturity of performing business analysis activities in your organisation.

This includes aligning the analysis strategy to the organisation strategy and building a competency framework that is appropriate to your organisation.

Our system analysts help you to deliver a competitive advantage through:

  • Process mapping
  • Building tools and templates
  • Selecting the most suitable industry best practices

Professional Services – Business Analysis

Getting the right people is fundamental to delivering projects successfully, and every organisation should ask themselves the question — do our people have the capacity and capability to deliver our initiatives successfully?

MetaPM can provide a mix of advisory, delivery and training solutions when you need direct assistance to deliver your initiatives successfully.

If business analysis services are part of the change you need to implement, then contact us to explore how we may help at no obligation.