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Organisational Agility

Simplify large programs with big costs to deliver what’s really important first and achieve results sooner with an agile approach

Organisational Agility

Agile is a different way of thinking and doing, and we will show you how.

Our experts assist you in applying Agile principles, including Scaled Agile to your environment, whether it be a small organisation or a large enterprise.

We help you understand if Agile delivery is right for your business then work with you to determine which Agile approach, or combination of approaches, is the best fit for you.

We’ll guide you through the transition and ensure you have the tools and skills to embed Agile into your organisation.

MetaPM’s organisational agility services can include:

Agile Methodology and Toolkit

MetaPM offers guidance, Agile project management training and advisory services to assist you in implementing Agile Principals including Scaled Agile in your business.

Our Agile experts will make sure we understand your environment, assess your existing frameworks and tailor an agile approach that works specifically for you.

Agile Reviews, Health Checks, Implementation and Support

Do you know where your project is at? Is it set up for success? Can it deliver successfully? Projects delivered using Agile can provide a challenge for management as they are delivered in a way that is fundamentally different to more traditional waterfall methods. MetaPM provides assurance by conducting health checks at various stages and provide recommendations to further improve delivery. Our agile delivery experts are experienced in evaluating the status of any project.

Professional Services – Organisational Agility 

Implementing and embedding an Agile approach into your organisation can be incredibly effective, if you have the right people with the right set of skills to meet this challenge.

We can help you expedite your Agile implementation, and ensure it continues to deliver benefits to your organisation, with Agile project management training and Agile experts to cover any capacity or capability gaps.

Thinking organisational agility? Whether it’s agile, scaled agile, agile project management or even agile project management training, we have your needs covered. Contact us to explore how we may help at no obligation.