Whitepaper – ITIL and DevOps

ITIL and DevOps – Whitepaper

Increased organization-wide awareness of the benefits of DevOps practices, including at board-level, is beginning to allow ITSM professionals to approach their service improvement initiatives with the requisite support from their stakeholders.

In Part 1 of this paper, we will explore the journey that organizations have taken when moving from reactive fire-fighting IT processes to a service-based approach of delivering value using IT capabilities, and the challenges this has presented. We will also explore the alignment of software development and ITSM, and introduce key DevOps concepts in the context of ITSM.

In Part 2, we will go into more depth to explore specific DevOps practices, and how to best leverage these to improve the organization’s ITSM capabilities. In addition, we will look at ways the service mind-set brings additional value to organizations who adopt DevOps practices.

Finally, in Part 3, we will finish with a suggestion for how IT operations teams could rethink their role in the wider context of the organization, to become true business enablers for the whole service delivery value chain.





ITIL and DevOps

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This whitepaper was first published by AXELOS in 2017 and is their copyright.