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Launching your Project Management, Business Analysis, PMO, and Change Management Career Hero

Are you just getting started in your career? Maybe you’ve just moved to a new city? Or you’ve taken a break from the workforce and are looking to return with a killer resume? Our MetaPM Learning Pathways can be your new career hero for all things project management, business analysis, change management and PMO (Project Management Office).

How? Well, the newly launched initiative by MetaPM, helps you figure out how to amp up your skills and resume in your chosen field to make you the most desirable candidate for the job.

MetaPM Learning Pathways lays out the courses and accreditations you may wish to think about gaining for each major stage of your career, whether it is in project management, business analysis, change management of PMO.

metapm learning pathways for project management, change management, business analysis and PMO

All you need to do is select the channel you fall under (or wish to enter into) and follow the pathway. Whether you are just starting out or looking to take the next step, MetaPM Learning Pathways is your go-to for information!

To make the process of up-skilling even easier, MetaPM also offers some of the courses listed on the Learning Pathways, making MetaPM your convenient one-stop-shop, where our team of experts are just waiting to help you reach your carer goals.

Have questions? We’re more than happy to answer them! Contact us via email on or give us a quick call on 1800 800 436


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