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Why professional development should be your priority in 2019

It is around this time each year we hear (and see) what feels like hundreds of people proclaiming, “New Year, New Me!”, but by the time they are back at their desks and business as usual sets in this proclamation is long forgotten. Not this year! At MetaPM we take professional development seriously and not just because we offer a range of training services! All of our full-time staff are given access to online learning platforms from day dot AND we have a training budget for them based on the skills they want to further develop while with us.

We are so passionate about professional development that we’ve come up with our top 5 reasons why professional development should be a priority in 2019 (and every year):

1. That piece of paper matters

Having a certificate of completion is solid proof that you have the skills and the knowledge to back yourself in your area of choice. This matters regardless of whether you are boosting your resume so you can stand out from the crowd or if you are looking to prove to your employer that, by committing to improve and refine your skill set, you are ready for a new challenge or promotion.

2. Confidence

It feels good to be the expert on a certain topic in a room and it makes you look good too. Professional development is one sure-fire way to boost your confidence at your business’s regular office meetings.

3. Credibility

Confidence’s twin sister Credibility also comes to the conference room table once you undertake professional development because not only can you speak on the topic, but you’ve got that piece of paper we mentioned earlier to say that you are qualified to do so.

4. Networking

Professional development often leads the way for you to get to know other people in your field or area of interest and that is never something to dismiss. It may not come as naturally to you as it does to others, but networking has the power to lift your career in many ways – from meeting new potential clients to meeting with potential employers or mentors.

5. Staying ahead of the game

Chris Judd didn’t stop going to training to learn new skills just because he’d won his first Brownlow, similarly, you shouldn’t ignore your professional development just because you have completed a degree and a few short courses in the past. The world is constantly changing and now more than ever there are new skills, methodologies and techniques being developed by the day. Why waste your time living in the past when you can be ahead of the pack?

Ready to get a running start on your professional development for 2019? Check out our course list and schedule here.


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