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Meet Zii Nzira, Junior Project Manager

Meet the team!

Introducing Zii Nzira

Junior Project Manager

Zii is a Junior Project Manager who joined the MetaCrew a year ago. His bubbly nature, positive attitude and passion for project management have played a key role in his success thus far and luckily for us he’s still here! 

Born in Zimbabwe, Zii made the move to Australia in 2005 to study I.T.  “At that time I wanted to be like Bill Gates so a classmate and I decided to start a Software Development Company. Through that I was able to pay my own way through school and if you’re from anywhere but Australia you know those International fees are crazy!” 

Outside of Zii’s professional career he is also a very talented musician, photographer and poet. “I learnt early on in life that if you’re doing the things you love you don’t have to be pushed instead your passion pulls you and my creative practice helps create a platform where I can engage my community and inspire them to dream while passion paves the way.”  

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Ready for your next challenge? We are always on the look out for talented individuals to join the MetaPM team! Check out our current vacancies here.

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