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Staff Testimonials – Dan Nuroo’s Story

Meet the team!

Introducing Dan Nuroo

Talent Acquisition Manager

Staff Testimonial Dan Nuroo

Dan runs our talent acquisition function and has been for about a year or so now. Dan’s experience dates back to times most of you won’t remember. He was Recruiting before email became en vogue, before the internet was really a thing, before everyone had a mobile phone. Don’t let the photo fool you, he is that old!

A Recruiting tragic, he has probably hired thousands of people throughout the years and continues to do so.

When he isn’t reading resumes, talking recruitment, interviewing people or drinking coffee with candidates, or the other 158000 things he tells us he does every day, you’ll find him pretending to have an active life. “What’s on for the weekend Dan?” “Oh, well basketball on Friday night, softball Saturday morning and afternoon, Football Sunday morning (or cricket depending on the season) and then softball again Sunday arvo.” Just don’t dig any further. He’s not doing that, just driving kids there! Other titles he holds are assistant coach, scorer, team manager, runner, umpire, sausage sizzle cook and uber.

As always, he is looking for more people to join our team, so, if you are in the market and label yourself with the terms Project Management or Business Analysis, contact us on 03 8640 5710, or at recruitment@metapm.com.au.  You can also check out our current vacancies here. We are currently hiring Change Managers, Project Managers and Business Analysts.

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