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Meet Maryam Khorshindian, Master Scheduler

Meet the team!

Introducing Maryam Khorshindian

Master Scheduler

Maryam Khorshindian, Master Scheduler

Maryam is a Master Scheduler who joined the MetaCrew just over a year ago. Anyone who has met Maryam will tell you, her dedication and enthusiasm towards projects is second to none. She launched straight into her role as Master Scheduler at her first engagement at Speedcast in January 2019, where she quickly made an impact.

When asked what keeps her motivated, Maryam explained, “Challenge is my motivation and keeps me passionate in my work. My goal is to deliver my work in highest quality and accuracy. Optimising and continuous improvement in my delivery is my personal goal.” All we had to say to that was, “Wow, what a gun.”

Maryam grew up in Tehran- Iran, where she made fond memories with family and friends. She credits her parents as being deeply influential in shaping her as a person, and what she has accomplished in her work and life. She also highlighted her husband as her greatest supporter in what she believes in and commits to.

Another aspect that Maryam is extremely passionate about is promoting the involvement of women within the project industry. This has led her to lead the ‘Women in Project Management’ initiative within the PMI Melbourne chapter which involves organising events to encourage and support women. Maryam is now running for a board position with PMI Melbourne Chapter, as she is determined to continue to expand her work. She explained, “I’d like to encourage more female members to join and step forward to board positions, as well as to mentor and coach others. The aim is to empower women in society and the workplace and raise more awareness in gender diversity.”

Maryam’s hot tip to anyone looking to become a Master Scheduler is to begin by learning scheduling concepts and then go on to learn how to use scheduling software. She emphasised, “Becoming a professional in this area is a matter of experience and getting exposure in different projects which will help to understand different solutions, as projects and solutions may vary from one to another.”

Somehow Maryam still finds time for herself within her busy schedule! When she isn’t taking on new project challenges, you can find her enjoying her hobbies which are cooking and baking.

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