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Meet Kelly Dauria, Senior Project Consultant

Meet the team!

Introducing Kelly Dauria

Senior Project Consultant

As one of our Senior Project Consultants at MetaPM, Kelly has brought an abundance of skill and passion in the short time since joining our team. Kelly enjoys working in programs and projects to bring about change. With a keen focus on relationship building and team leadership, she strives to deliver excellent results to ensure that organisations can physically see the outcomes and value come to life. Kelly’s brilliance in the role extends to her personal integrity and the culture that she continues to inspire amongst team members. Team coaching is something that Kelly is passionate about; promoting and developing others by leading by example and providing constructive feedback.

Kelly specialises in technology program and project management, having delivered a vast range of IT technology initiatives from cloud, contact centre, security, infrastructure, collaboration, and communication platforms. She can navigate her way around an architectural diagram as easily as a project schedule. Kelly brings not just technical know-how – she also recognizes that people are what get the results and her ability to inspire morale and bring a smile to people’s faces is valuable beyond measure.

Last year Kelly won the Project Management Achievement Award for Victoria at the Australian Institute of Project Management’s annual award ceremony.

When asked what advice she would give to others working in the industry she said “get the basics right. So often do programs or projects go wrong where (with a bit of planning and risk management) they could have been avoided or at least foreseen.” Over her 15+ years in the industry, Kelly’s experiences that she integrates into her day-to-day tasks are invaluable. She asserts that doing the basics right helps to reduce the probability of regretful hindsight, where we all have one thought ‘if only I had done that’. As she says herself: “all projects have issues and challenges, it is what you do with those challenges that make all the difference.”

But above all else, Kelly’s number one tip is to care about people. “Projects often have an impact on people for better or worse, do not underestimate the human element of projects and stakeholder relationships.”

Outside of work, family, friends, and her beautiful pooch – you can find Kelly on the Gridiron field either playing or volunteering her time coaching. Gridiron is often referred to as “Chess on a football field”, it is the strategy and challenge of the game which Kelly loves the most.

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