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Meet Kamilia Altahs, Business Analyst

Meet the team!

Introducing Kamilia Altahs

Business Analyst

Kamilia is an experienced Business Analysis Consultant who has been with MetaPM since February 2019.  She combines her well-honed business analysis, problem-solving, and presentation skills with a great sense of humour. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm make her a true asset for any organisation and for us!

Kamilia was born in Yemen and brought up in the UAE. She studied in Ireland and moved to Australia in late 2017. Kamilia has amassed vast experience working in many industries and organisations across the world. Kamilia says that her family have been her number one supporters throughout her journey so far, especially her sister, who has been with her every step.

Why did she become a Business Analysis consultant? Kamilia is very curious and analytical. She also has the ability to view the bigger picture while paying attention to small details. She has great business acumen and she is a very good listener, so becoming a business analysis consultant was a natural progression.

We asked Kamilia what she enjoys about working at MetaPM and she explained, “I love having the ability to work in different industries, and on diverse projects. Another great opportunity MetaPM provides is the ability to work with team members from different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. You feel as though you are part of something bigger, and that you are well looked after.”

Thanks to her background, Kamilia identifies herself as an ‘International Citizen’, with a great passion for travelling and exploring new places. So, whenever she has the chance, she travels to new places to learn about new cultures, their history, and food.

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