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Meet Anshuman Shukla, Business Analyst

Meet the team!

Introducing Anshuman Shukla

Business Analyst

Anshuman joined MetaCrew last year as a Business Analyst and a UX expert. He has proven to be a skillful and passionate business professional who hit the ground running with the University of Melbourne as his first engagement.

Anshuman’s strengths go well beyond his analytical and technical skills, business acumen, and the ability to quickly adapt to new situations. He demonstrates a unique creative side to any experience and is one of the best in ‘storyboarding’ a presentation on any topic. Anshuman is a firm believer in the idea that all project success metrics should boil down to one key aspect – user adoption. Through his keen customer focus he displays excellent capabilities in building persona-driven user experiences in all his CRM projects.

Moving to Melbourne just last year, Anshuman has fallen in love with the diverse culture and endless opportunities of this great city. On asking what he would suggest to future migrants he said “work on honing your skill and don’t worry too much about getting an opportunity the day you land. Network as much as you can and always remember, being polite is the way of this land.”

Anshuman continues; “coming to a new place brings its unique challenges. These are tenfold when you are migrating to a new country with your family. Being open to new opportunities and having a knack for learning is what helped me to secure a place with this awesome organisation. I am truly impressed by their values and focus on employee wellbeing. Every little act of kindness proves their continued commitment towards their employees, be it the meditation sessions or the ‘work from home’ kit during these troubled times of COVID lockdown.”

Outside of his professional career, Anshuman enjoys acting. He loves to captivate his audience and is passionate about telling stories by way of the stage.

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