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Meet Amalka Weerawardane, Business Analyst

Meet the team!

Introducing Amalka Weerawardane

Business Analyst

Amalka joined the MetaCrew a year ago, bringing a wide range of experience to our Business Analyst team. Amalka quickly became an asset to the team as she’s a great listener and a deep thinker. She began her work at MetaPM on a National Policy Writing project for the Salvation Army. She found this project particularly interesting as the field was new to her, due to her background in IT. However, by using her innate capabilities, she was able to delve deep into the project and highlight the real issues that only very few could see.

Amalka originally moved into consulting after working in IT for an extended period. Wanting to expand her field of knowledge and grow in her career left her yearning a change. In fact, the desire to expose herself to new and varied challenges was one of the reasons Amalka chose to work for MetaPM.

“What I love about working at MetaPM is the variety of work. There are so many different industries you can work in. You are able to learn a lot and contribute a lot.”

Amalka likes to keep busy, with each day bringing new challenges and no day typically the same. She explained, “My day can involve so many different things! It can involve client meetings, documentation, gathering requirements, creating business requirement documents, change requirements, meeting stakeholders, workshop planning and conducting workshops.”

One of Amalka’s favourite things about working on projects is being able to help people. While she loves her consulting work, she also enjoys working on the occasional IT project. Amalka didn’t think she would miss working on IT projects but has since rediscovered her love for the field. Working at MetaPM, she can be a key part of the Business Analyst team, while having the ability to stretch her IT muscles every so often. She loves all aspects of the job – especially requirement gathering, designing, and testing.

With such a packed schedule, you would wonder how Amalka spends any free time she gets. One of her greatest hobbies is reading – she has lots of books! When she’s not reading, you’ll usually find her spending time with her adorable Siberian Husky, Lupus.

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