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Learning Pathways: How can they help?

Did you know that as an organisation dedicated to innovation and ensuring that everyone gets the same chance to succeed, MetaPM developed industry first Learning Pathways late last year?

Well, now you do!

Why did we develop Learning Pathways?

Simply put – we want you to feel confident that each course is helping you take your career to the next level. Our Learning Pathways guide you through specific career tracks, so you know exactly what courses to study to become an expert in your field.

MetaPM prides itself in delivering quality training to thousands of students every year but one common trend became evident; our students weren’t always sure which courses to enrol in and when to do it to ensure they were qualified and ahead of the pack in their careers.

So, our Learning Team developed the four main learning pathways to help provide guidance to current and potential students.

These four pathways are:

Business Analysis
Identifying business needs and finding solutions.

Change Management
Preparing, supporting and implementing change.

Project Management
application of processes, skills and experience to deliver projects.

Project Office Management
An organisation responsible for management of a portfolio of projects.

So how can our Learning Pathways help you?

Each pathway highlights different role levels, gives a summary of the role and provides a guide of which courses and certification you could undertake to ensure your skillset is the best it can be. It also clearly demonstrates what you can actively do to reach your career goals or dream role through continuous learning, developing and refining your skills. This means you can spend less time worrying about whether you are doing the right thing to achieve your goals and spend more time actually achieving them.

Ready to find out more? You can view our Learning Pathways here or if you’d like to talk to our Learning Team directly, feel free to contact us on or give us a buzz on 1800 800 436.

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