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Case Studies

Case Study – Business Case Development

Our Client within the Public Sector required development of a comprehensive Business Case for presentation to the Expenditure Review Committee, for funding the replacement of ageing Department equipment.
The following is a case study that highlights the challenges involved in this case, how MetaPM approached the project and provides the end results.

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White Paper – Managing Successful Projects: MSP

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), combined with appropriate delivery methods such as PMBOK, PRINCE2 and Agile, represents proven programme management best practice and is drawn from experience of both public and private organisations in Australia and overseas.

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Article – The Value of P3O

P3O stands for Portfolio, Programme and projects offices. P3O provides a decision-enabling/delivery-support model for all business change within an organisation.
Within this article we go into detail of what P3O is and how it can add value.

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Tender and Project Management Case Study

Tender and Project Management Case Study: A Government Agency had a need to significantly reduce internal costs by streamlining the licence application and renewal processes, upgrade…

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Framework – Benefits Management Framework

The following is a presentation on how MetaPM produced a Benefits Management Framework for a client. Within the presentation we elaborate on how MetaPM chose a comprehensive framework, making sure that it is holistic, flexible and integrated with well established delivery methods, accreditation etc. augmented and adapted to suit a client’s requirements and expectations, as well as providing the framework which was produced.

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Case Study – Portfolio Management Handbook

Portfolio Management Handbook - A MetaPM Case Study This case study documents how MetaPM were engaged by a Government ICT Division to analyse the organisation's…
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Framework – Project Management Capability Development Framework

The Project Management Capability Development Framework is comprised of seven interdependent elements. Each element identifies outcomes and capabilities to be established to enable the overall improvement of project management capability.
Download the Framework for an in-depth look at these seven elements and how they can be applied to to your project.

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Article – Investment Logic Mapping and Project Management

Recently many clients have asked us – “What are Investment Logic Maps (ILM) and how does it fit into project management?”
The focus of the IMS on using common language and concepts that can be easily understood is one of the fundamental reasons behind the success of the standard.

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Case Study – Portfolio Project Performance Reporting

We’ve all been there when searching for a software solution to a business problem – 4,000 features and functions available when we really just need the basics covered. That was a challenge facing a MetaPM client who just wanted to put in place enough portfolio management reporting to enable effective management of their annual investment portfolio, without getting lost in superfluous reporting and functions. That’s where we came in. Together we created a set of basic, simple controls and reports to help them maximise their portfolio.

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White Paper – Using a Project Professional Competency Framework

In this article we explore the key competency dimensions and how you can integrate them to improve project success.

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Mad about squandered opportunities in the EPMO

  How many Portfolio or EPMOs (Enterprise Program Management Office) really do step up to their Portfolio responsibilities? Not nearly enough, I say and I…

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