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MSP® 5th Edition - Managing Successful Programmes

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What is MSP?

MSP is a globally recognised framework for best practice programme management. Programmes are temporary structures used by organisations to lead investments in change.

MSP is specifically designed to address the most common challenges that organisations encounter when leading investments in change. It is designed to align programmes and projects to organisational strategy and to provide governance. It focuses on the outcomes of benefits, whilst mitigating risks and actively engaging stakeholders.

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MSP 5th edition consists of a set of principles, themes, and processes that provide a clear roadmap for the programme lifecycle and ensure successful organisational outcomes:

The 7 principles are the driving requirements that are continually required to achieve value from programme management. These principles are universal, self-validating, and empowering.

The 7 themes help organisations to identify key roles, responsibilities, and information needed to support the theme. The themes give very practical guidance illustrating how MSP can be used according to the reasons for a programme. These reasons, or drivers, include:

  • innovation and growth
  • organisational re-alignment
  • effective delivery
  • efficient delivery

The 7 processes provide a route through the lifecycle of a programme with an emphasis on the incremental nature of a programme enabling a cyclical progression towards the desired future state.

MSP 5th edition emphasizes more flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness by adopting an incremental approach to the programme lifecycle and thus enabling organisational agility.

Course Outcomes

There are two certification levels: Foundation and Practitioner.

MSP 5th edition Foundation: for individuals that are interested in learning how to manage multiple projects and programmes successfully. The course provides the theoretical knowledge of how to plan, manage, and deliver programmes from start to finish. It is designed to support programme or project managers, those working in a programme office, business change managers, and programme and project delivery team members, that wish to gain a greater understanding of the MSP guidance to work more effectively in large-scale project or programme environments.

MSP 5th edition Practitioner: for project, programme, and business change managers that want to build on their knowledge of MSP, in order to practically apply the MSP framework to real life scenarios, providing the skills to lead and manage a programme. It is a must-have certification for both project and programme management professionals to deliver organisational value to their employers and boost their careers.


Benefits to the Individual

  • Improved career prospects through a globally-recognised certification
  • With sufficient practice and review, the participants should be able to apply MSP® to their own programme management environment


Benefits to the Organisation

  • Enhanced competence of Senior Project Managers/Programme Managers who will be able to deliver programmes more successfully
  • Greater understanding by Senior/Executive Managers of what it takes to manage a programme
  • Ensure project outputs align to the realisation of benefits and achievement of strategic objectives

Recommended for

  • Programme Managers
  • Senior Project Managers
    • Portfolio and Programme Management Office Managers
  • Business Change Managers
  • Managers from other disciplines wishing to develop an understanding of programme management

Certification Levels

Foundation level
Delivered over three days, the MSP ( Managing Successful Programmes )  Foundation Course is a blend of course participation, audio-visual presentations, and case studies. Evening work and study is required.

Practitioner level
Delivered over one day, the MSP ( Managing Successful Programmes )  Practitioner Course is the practical extension of the Foundation course. Participants are challenged to apply their learning while revising Foundation course topics and preparing for a comprehensive, scenario-based exam.

Course Content

  • Overview of Programme Management
  • Principles
  • Organisation theme
  • Design theme
  • Justification theme
  • Structure theme
  • Knowledge theme
  • Assurance theme
  • Decisions theme
  • The programme lifecycle

Course Includes

  • Professional Delivery by an Accredited Training Consultant
  • MSP®textbook
  • MSP® Foundation and Practitioner Course notes
  • MSP® Foundation and Practitioner examinations
  • MetaPM MSP Process Chart
  • Refreshments

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