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Roadmap for Change Management Success

So, what is a change management roadmap? Well, the fact of the matter is the people side of Project Management is often a second thought when implementing something new to an organisation. A change management roadmap can help outline how this change will affect the people of your organisation and develop a plan to ensure that they are ready, able and happy to adopt the change. 

Using a change management roadmap to understand the impact on people 

Understanding the impact a change approach may have on your people is the first step to successful adoption of change and it comes down to 4 key pillars: systems, processes, staff and skills. 


  • What type of systems will be implemented? 
  • How will people work with these new systems within the standard operating environment? 


  • What processes will be replaced or changed? 
  • How will new processes be reinforced? 


  • What kind of new/current roles will work to implement and maintain the change? 
  • What is their current level of understanding of PPM? 


  • What new skills are needed for the change to be adopted? 
  • How will skill development be delivered? 

Change Management Roadmap: Prepare. Manage. Reinforce. 

Prepare for implementation by understanding the scale and scope of the change required to adopt the change.  

Scan the environment to understand the capacity and capability of the organisation to change and create plans to build sponsorship to provide support for the implementation. 

Manage the implementation through communication and engagement and providing training and support. Also manage any resistance to the new way of working by identifying and removing any barriers to acceptance and adoption. 

Reinforce the new way of working by gathering feedback and listening to successes and lessons learned, auditing utilisation and compliance with new processes, and continuing to manage any pockets of resistance. 

change management roadmap graphic

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