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Organisational v Project Change Management

Organisational v Project Change Management: Successful projects consider the people side of the solution being implemented, and bring together project management and change management to…

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Download DevOps White Papers

Check out our two white papers on DevOps, in partnership with DASA. They are on the topics of a DevOps Competency Framework and embracing digital disruption through DevOps.

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The Need For New Skills – DASA DevOps Competence Framework – Whitepaper

DevOps is one of the central pillars on which many IT organizations choose to deliver new digital IT services. Fast-moving companies will use automation, continuous improvement, and simplified operating models that combine operations and development focused on executing excellent delivery models.

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Embracing Digital Disruption By Adopting DevOps Practices – Whitepaper

Transition to DevOps goes hand in hand with the redesign of IT roles and responsibilities. Certain skills and knowledge need to be present in every DevOps team. Answer your clients’ demand for DevOps skills.

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Whitepaper – ITIL and DevOps

Download and read our latest whitepaper on how ITIL and DevOps integrate and work together to improve organisational IT Service Management.

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White Paper – Organisational v Project Change Management

There is a challenge for change management practitioners engaged on a project to share their focus between organisational change management and project change management activities. Along with defining the difference between organisational and project change management, this whitepaper looks to answer the following question:

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White Paper – Stimulating Innovation with Risk Management

In a highly competitive global market, size and reputation alone are not enough to succeed. Organisations need to recognise that however good they are, however desirable their products or services, a competitor will challenge their position with a more desirable product or service. Lack of innovation is not an option; it is a risk as great as any risk in the organisation’s risk register. It is time for the risk manager to show his/her true colours, manage the innovation risk and become the champion of change.

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White Paper – Business Process Improvement

Business processes are the backbone of a business’ operations and are what, ultimately, allow a business to deliver products or services to their customers. Processes are generally a series of repeatable activities or tasks and, over time, the processes that we use can require some work to ensure that they are still relevant, efficient and fit for purpose.

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White Paper – Using MoP in your Organisation

The MoP (Management of Portfolios) seeks to “fill the gap” currently experienced by business planners and organisational strategists with respect to balancing an organisation’s investment portfolio in terms of change initiatives and Business-as-Usual.

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White Paper – Managing Successful Projects: MSP

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), combined with appropriate delivery methods such as PMBOK, PRINCE2 and Agile, represents proven programme management best practice and is drawn from experience of both public and private organisations in Australia and overseas.

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White Paper – Using a Project Professional Competency Framework

In this article we explore the key competency dimensions and how you can integrate them to improve project success.

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