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Case Study – Portfolio Management Handbook

Portfolio Management Handbook - A MetaPM Case Study This case study documents how MetaPM were engaged by a Government ICT Division to analyse the organisation's…
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Case Study – Portfolio Project Performance Reporting

We’ve all been there when searching for a software solution to a business problem – 4,000 features and functions available when we really just need the basics covered. That was a challenge facing a MetaPM client who just wanted to put in place enough portfolio management reporting to enable effective management of their annual investment portfolio, without getting lost in superfluous reporting and functions. That’s where we came in. Together we created a set of basic, simple controls and reports to help them maximise their portfolio.

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Case Study: Lessons Learned Register

Learn how MetaPM helped a PMO in a state government department capture and report on lessons learned from previous projects to be utilised for improvement activities.

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Case Study: Project Planning

Learn how MetaPM helped a major financial services organisation improve their project results by developing a consistent set of roles.

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Case Study: PMO Structure and Capability Development

Learn how a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler engaged MetaPM to build their PMO capability to support program and project delivery.

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Case Study: Timetable Management

Learn how MetaPM helped a leading higher education provider make efficient utilisation of their facilities.

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Case Study: Infrastructure Deployment

Learn how MetaPM helped manage an infrastructure deployment across six Australian states for a not-for-profit.

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Case Study: Procurement of Project Management System

Learn how MetaPM helped source and implement a Project Management System to improve project practices.

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