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Build v Buy Eval Mobilisation

Business Case and Analysis

MetPM was engaged by client to select a vendor(s) to assess against an internal build stratgey, including cost and timeframe. In addition, reconcile the current platform strategy with introduction of a new platform supporting the same types of products. MetaPM’s engagement made sure an effective and efficeint seletcion of vendor.

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Project Review – Recovery

Project Review and Assurance

MetaPM was engaged by client to provide fast and effective recovery of a failing new system implementation, from review of project objectives through to implementation…

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Project Management Coaching in Financial Services

Project Management

MetaPM was asked to assist a client in the financial services industry through Project Management Coaching. The client required assistance on: Delivery of an integrated…

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PM Coaching

Organisational Change

Due to the growth of the company, our Client, a leading provider of independent salary packaging services decided to replace their existing management system with…

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