Graduate Careers

At MetaPM you will be challenged, inspired, guided and respected.

Graduate Careers

Why choose a career in project delivery and consulting?

At MetaPM we value leadership development. We know that working in project delivery and consulting is challenging and rewarding – we experience this in our engagements every day.

But that’s not just our view, many leading business research organisations have identified project management (and its related activities) as a critical function for organisational success.

Figures indicate that at least 30% of the global economy is now project based, and one-fifth of the world’s GDP is spent on projects every year.

The skills you can develop in a project environment will enable you to manage and lead change in the future.

We value the unique skills of truly authentic professionals

At MetaPM, we help smooth the transition from university to work with induction, mentoring programs and management training.

We offer a career development pathway that allows you to develop at your own pace.

What separates us from ‘others’ is that we understand and value the unique skills and experience of a truly authentic professional and provide the environment, support and learning to deliver outstanding results and to develop personal professional capabilities.

Graduate employment

With a consistent demand for professionals to fill business analyst jobs and take on project management responsibilities, we are always looking for outstanding people from a diverse range of disciplines who understand and complement our respected culture and the type of work we do.

We use our selection process to give graduates a greater understanding of us and for us to better understand you.

If selected, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with, and learn from, a team of outstanding project professionals, a diverse client list, and challenging work assignments.

At MetaPM, you will have the opportunity to choose from a range of project manager courses, or be a part of one of the many challenging engagements that we are engaged to deliver. You will be challenged, inspired, guided and respected.

The challenges of a project environment aren’t for everyone; we have a robust set of selection criteria before we begin your leadership development and we’re discerning about choosing the right fit for our management training.

The factors we assess for every candidate are:

  • Intellectual capability and flexibility: you will need to be able to deliver successfully in a variety of client settings
  • Technical competence: your knowledge and skills
  • Experience: a track record of competently handling project management responsibilities
  • Interpersonal competence and skills: presentation and communication
  • Professional services focus: an appreciation of the competing priorities, drivers and constraints of this environment
  • Professional development: keeping up with evolving standards

Learning and development

You will also have access to management training offered by our training arm, MetaPM Learning.

Through our many training courses and workshops we aim to build your leadership development on a foundation of innovative development and growth programs that support your personal interests and ambitions, whether that lies towards business analyst jobs or project management responsibilities.

In addition we know that life skills are just as important as project management courses and training, that’s why our learning and development programs are designed to help develop both the professional and the person.

If you are passionate about helping organisations deliver improved project results and you want to put your graduate career on the right path with MetaPM’s prestigious leadership development, management training & project manager courses then we’d like to hear from you.

Please contact Dan Nuroo on (03) 8640 5700 or submit your resume to … [email protected]